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51 Votes Abstract: A pair of teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania travel to New York City to seek out medical help after an unintended pregnancy cast: Théodore Pellerin Release Year: 2020 Writed by: Eliza Hittman.

So lovely ❤❤kisssssss. Albert cant lie guess so fuckboi. It would be nice if the trailer didn't show scenes from the whole movie. Papa Chi Chi has no choice Hahahaha. Green, Blue, Silver One month AFC Sol System While watching through the window, Amark was still amazed the Gaian’s *had* windows on their ships, he was able to see the rippling distortion of space as the ship exits it’s slip space jump. He hadn’t even noticed it had started, in fact if they hadn’t said ‘Slip space jump in five, four, three, two, one, mark” he never knew anything happened at all. He took a moment to glance around at the other Hierarchy species that were on the vessel. A small group of was rare. A few Gome like himself, that he could spot their horns. Quite a lot of Liath Beta’s, distinct grey skin and large bald heads made them stand out of a crowd. But what took up the most of the shuttle were Nymphilians. Tall, slender, pink skinned, always wearing those coverings over the top portions of their faces, antenna protruding from the tops of their heads, ears standing out from the sides of their heads almost as wide as their shoulders.. It was the one secret the Nymphilian had, what was under the mask? Did they have eyes? They clearly saw, often making comments on colors and the like, so it didn’t hinder that. Chittering from some Inquai looking out the window caught his attention and he turned just as the intercom chimed on. “Welcome to Gaia folks. ” Amark stared out the window and gawked. It was such a pretty world! Oceans of blue water, lush green land. It looked so pristine! Soon though his eye caught the glimpse of something shimmering. Light hitting something and making it sparkle. And he spotted the massive space station hovering in orbit around the planet, it was easily the size of a small moon! It turns out, that was the subject of the Inquai chittering, and many other conversations. The massive object surely affected the planet, it would have some kind of gravitational pull. A nearby human must have heard the chittering and started talking to the Inquai about it, though Armak approached to listen as well as the Inquai raised the question. “Why do you disrupt your planet’s gravity with the giant station? ” The human has a look of sadness on their face a moment. “We had a natural one. It got stolen. ” Inquai chittering filled the air. Steal a moon? Of that size? Clearing their throat to get the attention back on them, the human resumed speaking. “Though, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have figured out slip space jumping. ” A chuckle escaping them followed by a sigh. “It was after the unification wars. We had won. All those who refused to live under the Imperium were moved to the moon. We built everything they would need to be self sufficient… the exception of us sending them raw materials. It had worked for decades too. Or so we thought. ” Slouching shoulders and a soft grumble from the human. “Then, the day after the Imperator Gone. ” Armak was still in the process of going through the Gaian history, prefering to start with more recent news and working his way back. So he had no idea who this Imperator was, but context implied a great war hero, one these moon stealers feared enough to wait for their death to act. The Inquai, ever the curious little critters, were still full of questions. “You had a moon and it was stolen?! gravity from the moon affects your world! On Inqa we have several moons and when they are overhead they pull water high so our crops can flourish. I cannot imagine what we would do without our moons…” And in classic Gaian fashion the human shrugged. “Make new ones. I’ve watched you little folks build, you are a very industrious people. ” That warm, and thankfully toothless smile, on the human’s face as the Inquai chitter in delight at the compliment, but they still look out at the massive construction. “Thank you Gaian, but... I do not think my people could construct a fake moon. The raw materials aside, getting it to match the mass and gravity of the old we honestly don’t have enough information on our moons to do so! ” The human lets out a hearty chuckle. “Well, we did build several cities on the moon. Plenty of time to study it as well. ” The human’s eyes were staring forward, that distinct ‘distant thinking’ face the Gaian’s did. “We lucked out back then too. The station was already being built before the moon was stolen, but it was just a skeleton and was a lot smaller than what we currently have. So we took the small skeleton and crammed a gravity generator inside of it. ” Shrugging their shoulders. “That took... a few years. It might not have had the mass of the moon but it kept things stable like one. And we kinda off of it. And eventually it became Lua station. ” A proud smile on the human’s face. “It’s also probably our biggest “Fuck you” weapon. ” Ah yes, Gaian’s and their weaponry. There is apparently an ancient Gaian saying, “Hand someone anything, they will eventually use it as a hammer. ” or something like that. It seemed true, no matter what these Gaian’s built it had some kind of weapon built into it, or sometimes the object itself could be used a weapon. Armak remembers how the Gaian ships were designed to actually ram into other ships as a desperate last move. Not even the best shield technology could handle that much mass coming down on them. The chittering of the Inquai brings Armak from his thoughts and he glanced to the window. Fire. Jumping back, Armak is caught by the human who just chuckles. “What, never entered the atmosphere before? ” Armak was trying to find his words, staring at the obvious heat outside the window. “Not with a ‘window’ being the only thing between me and a fiery death. How you Gaians manage this without shield technology is beyond me. ” Armak breathed, calming himself. A bellowing chuckle escaped the human as he just gently pats Armak’s back. “We have had a lot of practice doing this. Even our early rockets that we strapped people into and fired out into space had windows. I mean why go out into space if you’re not going to be able to look at it? ” With a grumble, Armak just huffed. “Camera’s can record just fine. ” The human looks down at Armak, smirking. “You think a recording could have done the view of Gaia justice? ” And then Armak thought about it. He had been enraptured by the view of the planet from above. He had seen pictures of it yes, and pictures of his home world had a warm place in his heart. But he just realized he had never seen it from space, like he had Gaia, and the view was breathtaking. It made him silently wonder if his own world would look as stunning to him. Armak hadn’t even noticed the human had left. He wondered how long he had been in silent contemplation before the intercom rang again. “And we have landed. Please gather your carry on luggage and depart the ship in a safe and orderly fashion. ” The Gome looked around a moment, he had all that he had on him. One bag with clothing in it, another with simple trinkets of personal value. With a deep inhale he readied himself and departed the ship with the other immigrants. People departed the ship, stepping off of it and onto the ground of the planet. Immediately many groaned and Armak soon found out why as he stepped off the ship. Gravity. It wasn’t oppressive, but everything just felt heavier immediately. He had never been on another world before, but he knew no world was this heavy. Stepping forward he huffed some, knowing he was going to get a good work out from just lugging his stuff around. So, this is how humans got so strong huh? He was busy thinking to himself before a Gaian approached him. Soft, feminine voice. “Need any help? ” With a moment of hesitation, Armak nodded. “Please? ” A warm toothless smile on the woman’s face as she takes Armak’s luggage, gently and effortlessly carrying it and following behind Armak as he made his way to one of the desks. He had noticed many others were there already, humans and anthro’s beside them carrying their luggage. Then he saw one. Three meters tall, metal skin, pointed face, a Technomorph! One of the military ones too, he recognized the shape from the first contact footage. However, this one nfusing. A distended stomach, a sign of either intense gorging on food or pregnancy. He didn’t know what was more weird. A machine that eats and gets fat, or one that could be impregnated? Then he recalled they were hybrids of the organic Gaian’s, and his eyes shot back up to their chest breasts. The Gaian’s were all mammalian, the females have breasts, males don’t. But he couldn’t be sure it wasn’t a female, he remembers the anatomy lessons that some Gaian’s have such small breasts they can’t be told apart from males. “Damn it man would you wait up! ” The voice called out, and Armak glanced and saw a human. Red hair, blue eyes, specs of silver on the human’s face. They were huffing, trotting along carrying large duffel bags, each of which could easily fit a Gome and the bags looked full. “It’s not my fault we are here Kevin~ Your mother insisted on meeting the person carrying her grandchild. ” Well, that answered Armak’s earlier question on if the Technomorph was male or female. Kevin finally caught up and was breathing heavily, sweat dripping from his face. “Look, Dante, Hun. ” With a deep inhale of air he straightens himself. “Relax. Mom is gonna love you! Don’t sweat it. ” A cheeky and proud smile on Kevin’s face. With a soft huff Dante rolled his eyes, one hand on that bump, petting it softly, then the other ruffles Kevin’s hair. “Fine. Fine. She better have pickles though... I’m getting cravings. ” That toothy grin not leaving Kevin’s face. “We can always get pickles if we need them hun. ” Their voices grow distant as they exit the port. Armak just stands there, mildly confused for a moment before another voice gets his attention. “Excuse me? You’re here to immigrate, yes? ” Armak turned and nodded rapidly. Pulling out the passport he had as he walks up to the desk. As he approached he twitched as the front of the desk extended out into little stairs and then he smiled, trotting up them so he could be slightly taller than the person sitting. “Wow, never seen anything like this. ” Bouncing his weight on the stairs and immediately regretting it as he leaned forward to catch himself. He then noticed how the Gaian at the desk, and the one with his luggage, were just... hovering their hands over him, ready to catch him if he fell. “Ah, thank you~ I’m good! ” Chuckling softly and slightly nervous as he didn’t even see them move, they were ready to catch him. His gaze turned to the desk worker, some kind fuzzy thing, long slender snout, and slightly spread apart eyes, not the straight forward predatory ones every other Gaian he had seen have. Then again this was the first one of... whatever these horned ones are he had seen. The Gaian was busy going over his paperwork after the almost stumble Armak had. “I’m a Deer. ” The Gaian’s brows raise up as he looks up from the paperwork at Armak. “Native species of herbivore, you’ll see all kinds of people that look like animals here. ” All the while he is reading the passport, typing on a keyboard, that clickity clack filling the air. “Please don’t talk to the animals and get upset when they don’t reply and throw a fit. We have had plenty of that already. ” Wrapping his head around that. Right, the animals the people come from still exist here, they aren’t gone. “ would I tell the difference? ” With a chuckle the desk worker held up their hand and wiggled their fingers. Then ruffled their clothes. “We have hands, walk up right, and wear clothes. But there are naturalists out there, so the safest bet is “Does it have a human shape? ” if yes, then it’s an anthro. ” Armak nodded, committing the knowledge to memory. “And everything is in order~” The deer hands back Armak’s passport, and a keycard. Tapping the keycard to draw Armak’s attention to it. “This is important. This is your ID card. You use this to get into your apartment, and should you make a little oopsy when following laws it’s what authorities will use to confirm you are who you say you are. So keep this on you at all times understood? ” Armak nodded, the concept wasn’t that foreign to him. “Right, right, and where is my apartment? ” The Deer had been reaching for something before Armak had even asked his question and planted the tablet on the desk and slid it towards him. Tapping at the screen he brought up a map, and a little dot was on it. “GPS system, you are the red blip. And this. ” He taps the screen. Blue blip. ” Is your apartment complex. A bus will be here in…” Checking the time on the tablet. “Ten minutes. There is a waiting station just outside the doors and to the right, says “Bus Station”, can’t miss it. It will take you to the complex, but it has other stops. ” Flipping through the apps on the tablet and pointing to one. “This is the bus app. When you get on the bus, just turn it on and your tablet will make a ping when the bus stops at your point of exit. ” The Gome nods, grasping the concept. It was similar to the taxis he had used on other planets. Get in, mark a location to go to, and then get charged per kilometer. Armak was about to ask about how to pay but remembered that this was all free. At that thought he grinned wide. The Deer in kind smiled. “Thank you. You’ve been a great help! ” Armak happily scooped up the items and went on his way, and remembered the human carrying his things and looked at her. “So are to follow me all the way to my apartment? ” With a chuckle the human shakes her head. “Oh no~ Just the bus station. You’ll be without me after that. But that tablet has a support app on it if you get lost or confused. Just give it a tap and type in your problem, you’ll be put in a call with someone who can help you. ” Staring at the device in his hands and moving it about. It looked almost like Hierarchy tablets, but only the very high end models could do so many things. “What else can this thing do? ” He glances back to the human while walking towards the bus station. “Well that is the latest model, we have just incorporated Hierarchy tech into it, so... I assume it can do what the last model did. Entertainment like our streamed shows, some mobile games, books to got access to our entire internet. ” As Armak walked under the bus station he eyes the device. But the Human wasn’t done as she set down the bags beside Armak. “lculator, GPS, communications, entertainment, internet access, video, camera, flashlight, notepad, ’s just standard stuff I can remember. There are various apps you can download onto the tablet to make it do other things, but people mostly do it for games, or different ways to do what is standard. Like different notepad apps with different fonts and stuff. ” Armak stared at the device, then at the human. “And you this to free? ” With a proud smile the human nods her head. Armak stares intently at the device now holding it far more gently than he did before. As he did so the human bowed politely and then turned on her heel and returned to the docking port. Armak had a moment to realize he was not alone in the bus station and looked over seeing some of the familiar faces from the ship. Then a loud chirp startled him, and the others. In front of them was a bird. He knew it was a avian, basic anatomy told him that. It’s head reminded him of the Aloon people with how some of the feathers stick out over the back of it’s head. The bird has a nice blue color as well, vibrant colors that make it really stand out to the green grass. Beside him he hears a synthesized voice. “Species, Cyanocitta cristata, commonly known as the Blue Jay. Primary sources of food are seeds and nuts such as acorns, fruits such as wild berries, or arthropods such as worms with the occasional small vertebrae such as mice. ” The Inquai that held the speaking tablet in their hands slowly backed away from the creature, their people are arthropods after all. With that Armak brought up his tablet, remembering the support call app! He wouldn’t let this Gaian predator attack the Inquai. And he brought up the app and typed in “Wild Predator infront of us. ” and after he pressed the button there was a nearby alarm. Immediately he heard the thumping of boots and the bird flew away. The inquai let out a sigh of relief and slump down, sitting on the concrete and breathing at last as the armored soldier walked up to the bus station, rifle in hand and looking around. “What happened? Where is the predator? ” The person, Armak decided to assume it was a human male as there was no snout on the mask and from the deep sound to the voice, was walking around infront of the bus station. “It flew away when you ran over here, no doubt terrified by a larger predator coming over. ” A confident and delighted smile on Armak’s face. The soldier turned around slowly and tilted their head. “Flew away? What was it? ” The Inquai turned their tablet around, showing the picture of a blue jay. Immediately the human’s hand went to the side of their helmet and he watched nvulse? Armak and the others in the bus station just watched the human silently holding their stomach while the front of their weapon is against the ground, their hand against the stock of it. After a couple moments they straightened themselves up and tapped their helmet again. “Ahem. Phew. Okay like you guys forgot basic ‘predator doesn’t always mean dangerous to you’ lesson. ” The Inquai chitter loudly. “WE ARE ARTHROPODS! IT EATS OUR KIND! ” The furr around their necks was twitching wildly as they spoke in unison, that hive mind mentality of theirs. The human holds up their hands in defense. “Alright, I understand. But that thing is aller than my hand. A single blue jay isn’t going to be able to take one of you down, let alone a group. Bird’s are smart, they will go for easier meals. And what’s easier than taking on even a single Inquai? ” The Inquai lming down now, quietly chittering. “A single injured Inquai? ” The human stands there. “Seeds. Most birds love seeds. I’d recommend, if you have such fears of birds, you always travel in a group. And keep a bag of seed on you to throw and the birds should go after that and leave you alone. Okay? ” That seemed to help and the Inquai chitter and nod among themselves. Slowly the human departs, leaving them just moments before the bus had arrived Armak smiles, having done his duty and helped his new neighbors deal with an encounter with a deadly Gaian predator! Though he can’t help but wonder how such a thing was even able to get close to the port like that, surely there would be security to keep out predators like that? Well they didn’t have shield technology yet so perhaps they had no way to keep out such a nimble thing. It made him worried about the apartment complex, would he encounter more? He grabbed his things as the bus stopped and hissed. A low rumble from the machine, more like a quiet hum as he approached with his bags and once onboard he signed with relief. The bus came with its own gravity system! He didn’t feel the heavier weight of Gaia’s gravity trying to pull him to the ground and breathed easier. After tapping the bus app so it would alert him when he got to his destination, he started going through this Internet thing, something to distract him from all that excitement from moments ago. It was a lot like the Hierarchy’s public information network, but unlike PIN the Gaian’s internet was full of… talking to each other. A video of an aged human male playing an instrument called a hurdy-gurdy had thousands of comments from other people, saying how they loved the song, how the musician was a master of his craft, and others that were just ‘Anyone else here from the Inquai fleshlight video? ’. Armak would have to make a note to look that up later. But it was fascinating! Anyone could record something and post it on this Youtube platform, then other people watch it and then comment on it for others to read. The HPIN thing as open as this. You had to apply to make a network location that other people could find, your content had to be approved and could not deviate from what the site’s purpose was. If it was to be a catalogue of planet classifications that all it could be. Just a page of planets and their classifications. If someone wanted to discuss them, they would have to contact the site holder personally. While being mildly overwhelmed by just how much there was, the tablet beeped and vibrated, startling Armak and he dropped it. With a whine he slowly reached down and lifted up the object slowly, and was very much surprised to find it still playing the video. He looked it over. Nothing looked broken on the outside. But it was better to be safe than sorry. And it was his stop. So he exited the vehicle with the others, back into the pull of Gaian gravity. The Inquai keep chittering and move towards the building, the Nymphilian’s doing so as well. Armak followed behind slowly, examining his tablet. It was still working Gaian tech really that sturdy? He knew Hierarchy tablets would start stuttering if dropped like that, but he also knew Gaian’s built their stuff to really last. So it was probably fine, right? As he walked along a voice caught his attention. “Hello there! ” Raising his head to spot another Gome and he walked over, doing the traditional soft head butt of his people, horns clacking gently together. “A fellow Gome! Nice to meet ya! You fresh off the ship? ” Armak nodded and lets out a soft breath. “Yeah, dropped my tablet on the bus ride over, I was too into watching fragment? A speech from a film called “Independence Day”. It was really moving! ” Clearing his throat and doing his best impression of the quote. “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! ” and he looks to the fellow Gome. “That film, yeah you should give the full thing a watch sometime. It’s about aliens invading earth! A lot of human films are like that, oddly enough. They always viewed themselves as the weaker species who survive through luck and will of character. ” Armak nodded again and glanced at his tablet. “Don’t worry about the tablet. ” Armak looked up at the fellow Gome with a confused look on his face. “I saw a anthro throw theirs over six meters and it hit a wall with a sickening crack... I saw the edges were cracked and just knew it was a gonner yeah? But it was still working! Playing some catchy song. ” Nodding their head the Gome starts to mimic the song. “Never gonna give you up~ Never gonna Let you down~ Never gonna run around and desert youuuu~” Coughing as he tried to mimic the voice from the song. “Gaian tech is tough, a little drop isn’t going to break it. ” Confident now in the safety of the device Armak gives a good bye hug to his neighbor and went on his way to find his room. Checking his ID card and seeing a number on it, then looking around on a large map of the apartment complex and finding a matching number. First floor, row four, room eight seven. Everything was neatly labled and organized, it was a different kind of logic, but still logic, simple enough to follow. He had realized by now as he walked towards his room, the whole interior of the building was like the bus. Hierarchy standardized gravity. A whole building on their home world for citizens of the Hierarchy? Armak was amazed at the friendly nature of the Gaians, but also started wondering what made him so special that instead one of the Gaian colonies, he ended up being assigned to living conditions on their home world? Questions for another day. Right now he wanted to relax, get some food in his belly, and find out what an Inquai Fleshlight is and what it has to do with music.


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. Intresting. I feel for jenifa. Very good.


Just want to point out that Albert has the same onezie as Damien Haas wore in the Godzilla video for Smosh Games. Did I just watch a trailer telling me to go watch a trailer in a theater. Afro, you should try to get into competitive Pokemon. In Hindi Never Rarely Sometimes Watch Never Rarely Online Torent Never Rarely Read more there Never Rarely Episodes Watch Online. 36:28 still with the dad jokes huh. Pokimane: THATS RACIST It had me dying 😂😂. Fed: Im about to evolve into a Raychu right now Me: you dont have the ‘stones for it.

Movie title stitched on Eliza's sweater. This trailer really hit home for me. Ive seen a number of friends and family who are teen parents and Ive witnessed their struggles to make amends with their decisions, whether it was to keep the baby or to abort. Society tells them theyre low-life idiots for getting pregnant young, society calls them irresponsible when they struggle to provide for a kid they werent ready to have, society calls them murderers when they terminate the pregnancy all together because even with the governments intervention, they still cant afford to sacrifice the amount of time and money it will take to just keep a roof over the kids head. This is a problem a lot of youths, especially young ladies, are faced with today, this scrutiny from all ends. You cant please society, no matter what choice you make. That is why young ladies should always preserve the right to make the choice that is best for them and their situation, not what is best for someone elses peace of mind.

About this: This story is my humble addition to the Jenkinsverse by u/Hambone3110 and so many other great writers who have given us so many strange and wonderful stories about humans in space being awesome. Unless the opposite is proven, this story is a piece of non-canon fanfiction – which gives me some freedom of storytelling – still, as an author I actively avoid to contradict established canon. The views and actions of the characters described herein are a work of fiction (what else) and not necessarily conform to the views and actions of the author. After the previous chapters that were rather dark for my taste, this epilogue is meant to as closure. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me, what you think of it! First (Prologue) Previous ******************************************************** The Dandelion Fragments – Chapter 6 / Epilogue “Growing up on Selkirk-732A …” My name is Mstks’WrMd and I am a Rrrrtktktkp'ch. My herd and I have been surviving on this planet for some years now. My parents had been snatched by the Hunters and dropped on the planet’s surface. At this time, I was still unborn, but my mother was already laden, and so I had the dubious privilege to be born planetside as a native to grow up in the slaughterhouses of Selkirk-732A. With our herd and all the neighbouring herds we led a simple life. We fed on the plants, we wandered from one spring to another, taking care not to overuse one grazing field or another. We followed the crops through the seasons. In springtime, the other calves and me would play catch over fresh green and blooming meadows, summer would see blossoms become crops and autumn would ripen them. In winter we had plenty of fresh greens to eat, the nights would cool down and the rains would moisten the fields and the next year could begin anew. The other kids and me, we had a great time. Sometimes a hunter ship would roar down from the skies and drop one of these monsters and then we fled as fast as we could. The hunters would kill one or another unlucky slow soul, but these were mostly from other herds and would not endanger the herd. The Hunters still kept us on edge, but that is the nature of predators. They would weed out the weak, the sick and the slow. And there was nothing the herds could do about it. My parents had found the cave paintings. These had been made by a former generation of Rrrrtktktkp'ch as a message to all souls who were banished to this hellworld. The paintings contained a thorough warning: Every three hands of years [translates as eighteen] the hunters would reap their harvest from this world. They would come down in masses out of their dropships, they would hunt down and slaughter each and every living being, they would let rain down fire on the green fields and even burn the soil, and so they would prepare the killing fields for another generation of forlorn souls. But the paintings also contained a glimpse of hope, a faint chance: In the mountains there should be caves where we would hide from the hunt and maybe survive. And like this the paintings showed us a way and gave us hope. Hope for survival, hope for a future. We knew that our time was limited in hell. Our elders had knocked down some trees, and the eldest trees were in their eighteenth year. We needed to leave soon. And so we went on our way to the mountains. Those few who wanted to come with us, did. Many more did not believe our warnings and kept their routines. Feeding on green bushes, aimlessly wandering from one waterhole to another. They usually ignored the Hunters, because they trusted in the safety of numbers, in the safety of the Herd. This was the world I grew up in. My parents sometimes told me under tears, that they were sorry, but I did not know why. This is my world. And now, we are on the way. “The Shadow” My parents often told me stories of the world outside, stars and planets and the wonders of interstellar space. How they were leading their life as explorers, how the people on the planets and space stations knew nothing of the lurking dangers, and how they were happy, then … before … My mum and dad were wise and they knew everything. In a way, they were always curious and eager to know more. Maybe this is how they found the message in the caves. The others from our herd liked to tell stories as well, but these were grim tales: Tales of destruction, torture and madness, of being hunted, of running and fleeing but never getting away. Last year another story began to be told: They whispered of another monster – not a Hunter – but a cruel predator altogether. Rarely one would see him. Fast and deadly, not to be seen until it was too late. A being that would cause stampedes, would set the plains on fire only to hunt down the slowest or to drive a herd over a cliff. A monster so cruel it would tear the skin off of living beings and let them dry in the sun. A monster that would poison our greens and would overwhelm the oblivious victims while they were still fighting off the poison. A monster that would set traps for us, pitted with wooden spears. And he would roast his victims on a fire and gnaw the flesh off our bones. They told many stories about him, some believable and some unbelievable, and they called him only the “Ghost” or the “Monster”. My dad used to call him “The Shadow”. We do not know, who he was or where he came from. But we know what he did for us and how he helped us survive. The Shadow had appeared sometime during the eighteenth year, shortly after a spaceship had crashed down and its pilot, a fellow Rrrrtktktkp'ch named Frstrtr’Mtch, had joined our herd. The Shadow must have been as alien to this world as we all were. Nobody had seen his species before or after. At first, his appearance unsettled us, because it was clear from his appearance that he was a predator himself. And rumour had it, that he was only waiting to hunt us down to kill and devour us all. After a while, we realized that he always kept his distance to our herd. He would sit in the shade under a tree and observe us from afar, a darker shadow hardly to be seen unless he moved. When our grazing brought us away, he would stand up on his hind legs and take up a seemingly effortless, balanced gait, to move to another well hidden place. He was wearing some kind of soft armour or clothing in earthy colours, which helped him keep his camouflage. If you were not looking closely, you might overlook him easily. Most of the time, he was carrying a harness or a saddle, as well as some tools or weapons. I think, that I first saw the Shadow mere days after Frstrtr’Mtch had joined our herd. Frstrtr’Mtch was a pilot and had crashed with his life pod after the Hunters had attacked his ship and slaughtered the whole crew. He told us a lot about the galaxy and what had happened in the last years. He showed us how to make and use fire to get through the chilly nights and to prepare food, and how to prevent the shine from attracting Hunters. He always showed a good mood and displayed hope for rescue to us. Only sometimes, he wandered off alone and even from the distance his hunched down figure let us divine his sorrow and how troubled he truly was. The night’s chill woke me up, although I was lying close by the fire in the center of the herd. My parents were close by – we always stayed together. The fire had almost burnt down and only the remaining embers gave off some last warmth. The chill had crept through my bones and had awoken me. A dry branch and some logs lay by the fire. Poking into the embers, some flew up and one even burnt my dad. Usually, he does not use strong language but this was a rare moment to hear him swear. He calmed down quickly as he saw that I was trying to reheat the fire and he aided with some larger branches. He realized that I was still feeling cold, so he draw me closer. And then I saw the eyes. Hidden under the low hanging branches of a green Krktk tree, two eyes were reflecting the shine of the fire. Intensely watching and observing, and a chill ran along my spine. My father realized that something was wrong and I only dared to whisper to him, and he tried to calm me with his low soothing voice: “Don’t watch him. He’s been there for over [two hours]. Stay calm. ” Frstrtr’Mtch joined in, “Only talk silent and as deep as possible, then he cannot hear us”. His wounded leg was still hurting, so I went over to check on his bandage. Primitive as it was, the crude bandage served its purpose. I sprayed some pain relieving foam that he had salvaged from his escape pod onto the wound and he quickly felt better. Still, it took him weeks to properly heal. The eyes in the darkness had disappeared, and the next day I overheard my parents and Frstrtr’Mtch discussing about the Shadow and about its intentions and how to treat this issue. They and the other elders accorded that we should ignore the Shadow, as he had not posed an actual threat to us. During the first weeks, he never approached us. Always at a distance, never too far away. And over time, we got used to his appearance – he had become a part of our normal world. Several times, he disappeared for weeks, and I almost missed him – because he had become such a regular part of our world. “The Trek” My parents had directed our herd to the painted cave so that everybody could inspect the warning signs for themselves, and in spring we had reached the conclusion to make our way to the caves in the north. The signs were clear and we expected the Hunters to arrive this summer. Many of the elders from the other herds disagreed and decided to let us go, and only a few other herds joined us. We were a mixed herd of my own Rrrrtktktkp'ch, quite a lot of Vzk'tk and even a strong group of Guvnurag. Slow they might be, but they were steadfast in their resolve and we were glad for their physical strength. While all the elders met, the Shadow was there again, as usual staying at a distance and watching. But when we broke way, he didn’t follow us. I did not expext to see him again. We had been on our way for several days, when one night several hunter spaceships appeared from the cloudy sky. Fortunately they ignored us and flew further south. With a renewed sense of urgency, we retook our route early in the morning and hurried further north. Later that day even more hunter ships flew over us to the south. These were larger and slower, and all were heading to the southern plains. If we had followed the other herds, we would have been there as well. In the night, the southern horizon was shining red, as if the whole plain was burning. My parents had this nervous look about them, when they tried to tell me not to worry. Again, we started early, before sunrise, and hurried north. With the rising daylight the scale of what was happening in the south became clearer. A huge wall of smoke encompassed the south, seemingly starting at the western hills and ending at the eastern mountain range. As if hell had broke loose. The Guvnurag showed paling colours and whispered to one another about The Storm, and that the world would end soon. So we hurried further north, always looking back for the hunter ships, but they would not arrive to hunt us down, yet. Two days later the Shadow arrived at our camp. He looked tired, even exhausted – not only from the trek. At first he kept his usual distance, sitting on a treestump and watched us, as if waiting for something. Then he had made up his mind. Letting all signs of stealth drop, he brought himself in his most upright pose – still short by our measure, even shorter than a young calf. Still, he radiated an aura of intention and purpose. Like the predator he was, he slowly walked closer. At about [100 meter] distance he called out at us – nothing to be understood, but obviously he wanted to make sure not to surprise us. All eyes were on him. He raised his spear over his head – a challenge maybe? – No, he raised it only to demonstratively lay his weapon on the ground. Same again with another thing – somehow shaped similar to a pulse gun, but way larger and so much more massive. He let his packsaddle drop to the ground where it landed with a noticeable thump – it must have been a lot heavier than it looked. He had a green branch full of cqcq leaves in his right hand, raised above his head – maybe a gesture of peace? Then he slowly stepped closer, taking careful steps not to startle anybody, and directed his steps towards my father and Frstrtr’Mtch. They turned towards him and ordered all of us to make way and give the Shadow some room. So we cleared a large circle around the three and they all sat down. Now, that he was closer, I realised that his garments were torn in many places and some looked burnt. Even some parts of his skin looked burnt and charred and he smelled accordingly. He must have gone through hell, and although his body had obviously suffered severely, his gaze was steady and intense. The forward facing, blue and white eyes scanned his surroundings, like a predator taking in all details. A rough sense of determination marked his face. They tried to communicate but neither could make sense of each others language. At least we understood that his name was “Rbrt’Krtzr” or “RbrT” something similar and his species was called “Uouuuuman”. Finally, they tried drawing in the sand to convey informations, gesticulated directions …. Seemingly endless hours passed. Nobody had found a common language with him: None of our native languages and his had any similarities. He seemed to change between several own languages, as the sounds, the rhythm and the pattern were so distinctly different. Some said, that the sound was similar to cortan, but this I cannot confirm. He had no translator implant, but it would not have changed anything, as only a few of us had another and those who did could neither make anything out of his vocalisations. While the others were trying to communicate verbally, I used this time to observe this alien being and his so strange body language: When he arrived, he appeared very tense and at edge, overcautious and ready to run, as if we were posing a danger to him. To be fair, he was alone and way smaller than all of us and he knew nothing about us. Phyiscally he was quite different to us: He had only four limbs, but he was not quadrupedal – he always balanced on his hind limbs and used the fore limbs mostly as manipulators and for gesticulation. His front paws had only five manipulators, not the usual six or eight. His body was covered in partly torn garments and not in fur. Being comparably lean and not sporting much fur except some patches on his head, made his muscles clearly visible. Strangely, they seemed to work differently to ours, e. g. the arms seemed to have one muscle in front just for bending limb. This had the weird effect that the muscles shone even more through his skin. The most remarkable and alien thing about him was his head and face: Vaguely similar but very unlike to a Corti, there were two frontal facing eyes but instead of the black uniform Corti eyes, his were smaller and tricolored in white, blue and black, and they were set into eye sockets that were protected by massive bones. And although his kind possessed no chromatophores, these shining eyes and his overly flexible face showed an extreme variety of expressions. Talking of massive: When he set down his pack, we realized how much weight he was carrying around. This creature must have been a lot, really a lot stronger than we were. Once he snapped a massive cqcq branch in half, just because he wanted to split the food between two of the elders. Where we would have just nibbled away the leaves or taken off some twigs, he broke the massive wood in half just using his hands and one knee! His bare hands! He just broke that massive stem, as if it was a twig! Only when he heard the astonished gasps and saw our terrified faces, he may have realized what he had done. And instead of any sane reaction, he showed, no presented his open mouth, full of white predatorial teeth and let out a barking repetitive call. And only when he realized that he had nearly caused a small stampede, it dawned on him how terrified we all were. What world had this creature come from? Was he even a natural creation or was he an escaped laboratory experiment? What was he? After some hours and dire communication, the Shadow and our elders had finally reached a conclusion and my father addressed our herd: The hunters had massacred the southern herds and burnt the plains. The Shadow had escaped the hunt there, but nobody else had survived down there. Now the hunters would round up the rest of the herds and we all needed to escape to the caves in the north. And the Shadow intended to come with us and help us. The next days were a constant toil and exertion. We were always hungry and thirsty, tired by the exertion, the morning winds blowing from the south brought ash and the sharp taste of smoke with it. Still, we walked on and on. When we met other herds, we told them. Some panicked and ran away to an uncertain fate, but most saw the safety of numbers and joined our herd. Food became scarce and the water we found was hardly enough for all, so we spread out into several marching columns and thus were covering a larger area. Some times he disappeared for a time but would bring whole bushes of cqcq with him, so large that a grown Vzk’tk would have had trouble carrying it. He tried the leaves himself as well, but I think he did not like the taste of it. Instead he casually ripped out some of the new green and yellow plants, washed the soil off the roots and munched on them. We thought he would die instantly, because how should a small organism like his be able to process or dilute this poison? How did he not know about this impending mortal danger? “Reaching the mountains” During the trek the Shadow seemed to be everywhere. His energy was sheer unending, always walking and advancing. Scouting the perimeter he saved us from running into dead ends and more than once spared us days of travel. The mountains were coming closer, and from the cave paintings, our elders had a good idea where to go. There should be caves, and we should be safe there. At least safer than on this deathtrap. The mountains were almost in reach, one days travel at most, when RbrT came back to us and talked again to the elders. He seemed terribly disturbed by something, his garments were stained with red blood and purple ichor and he was limping from a leg wound. On his spear he was carrying a trophy: The cut off head of a Hunter, easily twice the size of the shadows head. He had obviously come into a fight, but had managed to survive somehow. Even more, he had fought and killed a hunter. From what he told and showed us, it became clear that the Hunters were waiting for us. Not especially for us, but for all the herds in the northern grazing fields. They were driving all into killing fields to slaughter and feast on them. Oh so close had we come, only to perish now just outside the safety of the mountains. Desperation nearly overcame us. The Elders held themselves better or they were not terrified so fast and together with the Shadow they were able to sketch up a plan. At this moment, I did not understand a lot about it, but in afterthought it must have been a dreadful choice between being slaughtered and dying in battle. We needed to avoid the laid trap by breaking through the hunter lines. Either through stealth and secrecy or through the brute force of a stampede we might be able to overcome a weak point in their lines and continue to the mountain. The Shadow had shown us that the Hunters could be killed – they were not invulnerable, even to his primitive weapons. But we needed to await the right moment and then we should act without any regard to losses. We needed to rescue as many of the herd as possible, although it was sure, that many of us would not survive the coming days. A grim resolution overcame us. Our herd was determined to overcome this grizzling fate. No, we would not become prey, to be slaughtered by the Hunters. They would have to pay dearly for bringing us down. Some started to fashion crude weapons from wood and stone, comparable to the spears that the Shadow was using. Some others prepared torches from the resin trees. We followed a stream’s valley that brought us closer to the mountains and to the hunters line and still gave us cover. In a denser patch of the forest, we found a hiding place where we could stay for several days and still had enough to eat. While the Shadow went on to scout the land, the herds would stay here to observe and learn of the hunters ways. Different kinds of hunters were around, some larger some smaller. Some carried heavier weapons, some carried none, some were only patrolling. In general, they were most active in late afternoon and into the night, but they were rarely seen in the morning hours when the air was still fresh. “That others may live” Some days, the Shadow returned and debated with our elders. The discussions went on and on, and we little ones did not know why. In hindsight, I have an idea why their decision was so difficult. Finally, and with grave faces, they decided on a plan aiming to rescue as many as possible. My father came over to my mother and me, tears flowing openly over his face, and began to explain the plan: The Shadow had scouted the hunter lines and he had discovered a hidden narrow path leading along a stream and through a crevice that would finally lead us to the mountains and the caves where we could hide. Unfortunately, the path was so narrow that only the smaller individuals, so the calves and females would be able to pass. Although the path was hidden, it was not without danger because it was leading directly through and below the hunter lines. Even the Shadow had observed and encountered hunter patrols there, but was able to avoid them. We would need to take utmost care and stealth to sneak past any hunters. The elders and the Shadow had therefore decided to create another diversion to lure the hunter patrols away: Every early morning, a strong wind from the plains to the mountains had awoken us and now we would take advantage of this weather pattern: Several mobs of Vzk'tk and Rrrrtktktkp'ch would fan out for half a days trip to both sides, hide and in the early morning they would set the savannah and trees on fire. The strong southern winds would then drive this fire front up north towards the mountains against the hunter lines. This should not only attract the attention of many of the hunter patrols, but the smoke should camouflage our other movements. As soon as the hunters had thinned out their lines to counter the fire, our main force would attack the center: The crash of Guvnurag would make the tip of the spear, directly supported by the towers of Rrrrtktktkp'ch. The Vzk’tk, as the physically smallest and weakest, would follow suit. Although my father tried to deny it, I still had the feeling that this would only be an elaborate plan for mass suicide. But here came the Shadow into the plan: He was the only one who had seen the hunter tactics in action and had seen first-hand what kinds of weapons we would have to expect. Therefore he had volunteered to go out for a sortie in the middle of the night in order to attack the hunter posts to create an opening in the hunter lines. This was our chance, a glimmer of hope: If all went according to plan, our herd had a tangible chance to overcome the hunter lines and to safe some. We would suffer painful losses, of course – but without this plan every single one of us would be dead within the next days. My father told us, that we would meet on the other side and all would be alright. We all spent the night together, cuddling against the cold and against our fear. And in the first hours of dawn, we said our farewells … These were our last hours together. **** TRANSCRIPTORS NOTE: The Battle of the Northern Plains on Selkirk-732A on [January 6th, 1976] Archaeological evidence and forensic analysis of a recovered hunter data node enabled us to pinpoint the Battle of the Northern Plains to early [January 1976]. According to the hunter’s data logs, not a single prey individual survived the Harvesting Cycle #97, as they denominated the slaughter on this “planet-wide free range prey farm”. Still, their logs contain ample evidence that, while the southern plains were harvested with the low expected losses of primarily gamma and delta hunters due to workplace hazards, the northern plains suffered a very different fate. The following chronology of events could be restored by interpreting the hunter command logs and was transcribed into a legible format. The mentioned sectors A, B, C, D, E denominate areas in close proximity to the mountain ranges and contain several lines of hunter outposts and prepared harvesting facilities. The main battle was fought on 6th of January 1976, starting in the early morning and lasting into the night. **** Harvesting Cycle#97 – The Hunter’s perspective on the prison break Cycle#97/Entry-0001: Harvesting on southern plains completed. Harvesting protocol requires using standard procedure #0815 to sterilise the area by incendiary ordnance to prepare the grazing grounds for the following harvesting cycle. Cycle#97/Entry-0002: Harvesting on northern plains commenced. System of guiding infrastructure, posts and patrols established. Measures to drive herds north in place. Cycle#97/Entry-0003: Herds follow expected migratory pattern northwards. Infrastructure for prey processing is established. Cycle#97/Entry-0004: Unexpected outbreak of bush fires endanger the migrating prey in sector A and E. Countermeasures to ensure the harvesting success are dispatched. Patrols are re-dispatched to combat the fires. Cycle#97/Entry-0005: The bush fires in sector A and E are hard to extinguish and require more resources. Patrols from sector B and D are re-dispatched to assist. Smoke walls hinder the local communication and coordination of activities. Cycle#97/Entry-0006: Sector B and D report outbreaking and spreading bush fires and request assistance. The patrols from sector C are reassigned to assist, basic patrols remain in sector C. Cycle#97/Entry-0007: Sector C reports bush fires as well. Local winds fan the fires that reach the center valley. All resources are busy fighting the fire in sector A, B, D, E, so that sector C receives lower priority. All outposts keep their position and report everything under control. Contact to outpost C171, C172, C173 is disturbed. Cycle#97/Entry-0008: Contact to outpost C275 to C278 is lost, presumably due to the fire. A ranged visual inspection shows a large wall of smoke and fire. Patrol ship HPV-B737Mx is scheduled to report visuals. Cycle#97/Entry-0009: Contact to outposts C381 to C388 is lost. Patrol ship HPV-B737Mx reports massed prey presence in proximity of C277. Cycle#97/Entry-0010: Contact to Patrol ship HPV-B737Mx is lost after reporting engine issues, presumably smoke. Patrol ship HPV-B738Mx is dispatched. Due to distance it is scheduled to arrive in 1. 75 hours. Cycle#97/Entry-0011: Outpost C471 reports contact with panicking prey that tries to escape the fire. Patrol ship HPV-B737Mx rerouted for air support. Brood transport HBT-022 and HBT-045 take up specialized crew and equipment and begin transporting reinforcements to D471. Cycle#97/Entry-0012: Contact to patrol ship HPV-B737Mx is lost after reporting engine issues. Hostile presence suspected. Contact to outpost D471 is lost. Cycle#97/Entry-0013: Ground control contacts Orbital with a routine request for orbital imagery of sectors A, B, C, D, E to evaluate the status of all affected outposts: All outposts are affected by fire and smoke. Hunter movement on the ground confirmed. The outposts C173, C277, C382 have already been destroyed, presumably by a combination of fire and panicking prey. Outpost D471 is at the moment overwhelmed by stampeding prey and in process of destruction. Cycle#97/Entry-0014: Selkirk Orbital takes command. The BETAs in command of sectors A-C, and sectros D-F are personally removed from command and replaced with orbital personnel that is flown in within the hour. The new command structure analyses the status: Advanced sensor data show the scale of destruction. All outpost in the lines 1, 2 and 3 are inoperable or rendered inefficient by the fire. The outpost line is interrupted over several destroyed outposts and thereby offers a gap to the plains. Prey herds migrate into the gap and attack further outposts. The locally reduced visibility limits the accuracy of pulse weaponry and enforces close combat. Cycle#97/Entry-0015: New Sector Command removes the remaining BETA and GAMMA from command and the genepool for causes of ineptitude. New Sector Command declares status “BROKEN MANDIBLE” and begins evacuation of all valuable New Sector Command assets. After evacuating, Orbital initiates the purging procedure #0815 over the plain sectors A, B, C, D, E. The whole area is purged without further loss of hunter vessels. **** Harvesting Cycle#97 & Cycle#98 – Aftermath and dealing with biological contamination Cycle#97/Entry-0021: Harvesting operations in the northern plains are finalized. The resulting prey harvest is severely lacking in quantity and quality and reaches barely 12% of predicted values. The plains are purged (standard procedure #0815) and prepared for resettling. **** Cycle#98: A contaminated environment Cycle#98/Entry-0001: Resettling initiated. Introduced standard prey species suffer unexpected losses. Closer inspections reveal neophytic organisms: A series of previously unknown plant species have overrun the local flora. The new biome includes several inherently poisonous plants and is unable to sustain standard prey life. The ecosystem is severely contaminated and corrupted. The source of the biological contamination is traced back to the wreckage of a ship from the Small Prey, a CORTI vessel containing deathworld biological samples from an unknown source. Standard purging protocol #0815 is initiated to sterilise the soil. Cycle#98 is discontinued. **** **** Cycle#101: Impending doom Cycle#101/Entry-0001: The biological contamination of SELKIRK-732A has run out of hand. The complete ecosystem is contaminated by a small yellow blooming green plant that rapidly conquers any patch of soil, either by far flying seeds or by unintentionally transported root fragments. Even outposts constructed from concrete are affected. A range of previously unknown bushes and trees is observed that use a form of airborne contagion during their reproduction cycles. All observed neophytes contain diverse forms of poison or other aggressive defence mechanisms, making them unsuitable or even lethal when used for prey nutrition. All local flora is reduced to isolated patches and doomed. After several lethal incidents after contact with the airborne contagions and resulting anaphylactic shock reactions, the local garrison is reduced to minimal presence behind massive forcefields and biofilters. The ALPHA of the Brood that Harvests recommends abandoning the planet and to employ orbitally based nuclear fission devices to ensure getting rid of the infestation. The ALPHA of the Brood that Breeds is cited with “RESOLVE – ORBITAL DESTRUCTION – UNIQUE SECURITY”. **** Cycle#102/Entry-0001: In spite of numerous heavy handed approaches to correct the ecosystem of SELKIRK-732A, the biocontamination persists. The planet is abandoned and only an observing presence is maintained. **** “We’re still here. ” My name is Mstks’WrMd and I am a Rrrrtktktkp'ch. The plan was sound. The Hunters were distracted first by the wall of fire and then by our stampede, the hidden path was left without guards and we could make our way through to the mountains and on the second day we found the caves. Down in the plains, hidden by the smoke, the battle raged. Many brave souls fought and died this day so that we would live. When night fell on the first day, the battle was still raging on, when suddenly pillars of flame hit from above. The orbital bombardment shook the ground and huge mushroom clouds climbed into the atmosphere. The flash burnt our skin and blinded all who had looked by chance in its direction. The blast waves washed over us and the forests, breaking limbs, knocking trees over, causing mudslides and tumbling boulders. Many in our trek died or lay down mortally wounded. And we knew that nobody down on the plain could have possibly survived this and carried on climbing towards the caves that we had finally found. A secret hiding place for all of us. But it was only days later that some lone survivors from the battle arrived at our main doors: Wounded, mangled, zinged pelt, broken or missing limbs, coughing blood some or blinded by the lights – they had survived by pure luck and chance while often their immediate neighbours and friends had been less fortunate. But how should we call this survival luck? They had arrived here with their last will to live and over the next hours and days every single one succumbed to their wounds. Their voices gave us an idea what had happened during the Battle of the Northern Plain: A tale of heroes, a song of warriors began to form. Not a story of prey that was butchered, but a song of upright beings fighting for their lives, for their families, for their herds and for our future, against overwhelming odds, against a cruel foe that knew only death and torture. But many also told us of the shadow, how he had been in the thickest of battle, how he had personally torn hunters apart that were five times his size, how he had shot down dropships, how he had been hit by smashing pulses only to rise again and to kill the next hunter. They had been so close. They had already overwhelmed the last post and the herd was pressing on, into the gap, through the jaws of death, when a concealed bunker blocked their way and its main gates burst open. Out swarmed a pack of white hunters and immediately attacked the leading bulls, bringing some down with their first assault and rushing the next one. Our stampede faltered and nearly came to a halt, when another hunter – a huge red monster – slowly crawled out of the gate. Terrifying all by itself and dominating the battlescape, it heedlessly swatted some lesser hunters aside, going for our leading bull. The Shadow was fighting to keep the lesser hunters off the herd when the Monster became aware of him. And instead of roaring a challenge, it kept silent, took aim and jumped over a dozen bulls right on top of the Human, and crushed him flat into the muddy ground. Turning around swiftly, the Monster would go for the largest bulls, activated its fusion claws and took aim for another jump, when suddenly a loud crack sounded through the air, then another. The monster was hit and turned around for this new danger, only to see how the Shadow had painfully managed to sit up. His face was bleeding and he clearly was in agony. Still he shouted, tried to shout in defiance at the charging Monster. Another crack from his handgun hit the Monster, incapacitating some legs, another crack, and all front legs gave way. Its momentum carried the Monster further but to no avail – another crack and Rbrd had luckily hit the monsters head – exploding into purple mist. The carcass crashed down, again on top of the Human. Dead. Some bulls tried to push the Monster off the Shadow, tried to pull him out, but it was too late. There he lay, crushed from the waist down, one leg torn off at the knee, the other broken and mangled. Blood everywhere. A wonder how he had even lived so long. How he had been able to move and even fight. And while his blood and the slain Monsters ichor flowed and mixed on the darkened soil, he drew his last agonizing breaths. His eyes staring into the sky as if seeing something only he could see. His features softened, as if he was falling asleep, as if he had finally found peace. *** We swore to remember. We swore to remember every single one of them and to tell the galaxy of their fate and their deeds. And here in the caves we wrote down all their names, every single soul that we could remember stands written on these walls. And the Shadow’s name is here as well, he is remembered. On the Wall of Remembrance. *** The last of my herd and I have been surviving on this planet for several years now after the cataclysm, through cold and hunger, through dust and toil. The time was harsh and many of us became a memory on the wall of remembrance. But we found ways to survive and even to prepare the deadly Dandelions so that today nobody goes hungry. I am old now, but there are younglings of all species playing at my feet. Today, spaceships have arrived. New ships. Not the spiked and aggressive ones of the hunter murderships, but still dangerously looking and menacing and ready for business. They swatted away the last hunter control posts and landed directly in front of our caves. The ships doors opend and down the ramp strode several beings. Soldiers, Warriors. Strange, yet familiar figures. Bipedal and upright, clad in dark armour, dark as the Shadows. “Humans” they named themselves – we named them “Saviours”. We are safe now. ******* Dedicated to the memory of all victims A lion’s tooth? They laughed at first. Oh it’s a flower, green and soft, That sends it’s seeds with wind aloft. Burnt down, dug out and torn apart Should this not break its floral heart? ** And back I am, so fast and swift, In beauty like a precious gift. But here it is that we shall meet, In this crack of pure concrete. ** “This world is mine”, They hear me mutter. “I serve the prey and bite the Hunter. ” ** (Poem written by Mstks’WrMd, Rrrrtktktkp'ch, dedicated to the memory of all victims) Dame Mstks’WrMd, Rrrrtktktkp'ch is the first native citizen of the planet “Dandelion” / SELKIRK-732A, a survivor of decades of toil on a former hunter farm world. The poem was publicly performed at the opening ceremony of the Exobiological Congress at Cimbrean, in remembrance of all the victims of SELKIRK-732A. Like on Earth, where the Red Poppy is recognized as a symbol for overcoming the cruelties of War, throughout the Galaxy the Yellow Dandelion now has been widely accepted as symbol for overcoming the horrors of the Hunters, on Selkirk’s Fields. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear Readers! I hope you enjoyed this piece as much as I did writing it. Leave your comments, drop me a thought... Keep up the HFY spirit! Edit: no sheep, purple ichor, whiffs, last stand.

HELL YES Im finna watch all of this. I can't wait to see cosplays of that nurse and rainbow wig costume! Complete with the medical tools, and maybe the journal. Loved the book! Cant wait to see the movie! Heard they reshot the ending... curious to see how it compares to the book. If men could get pregnant, abortion clinics would be like Starbucks, there would be two on every block, four in every airport, and the morning-after pill would come in different flavors like sea salt and cool ranch. Nasim Pedrad. What a clear explanation. Why spend an hour telling this fascinating story, then stopping before the dig? Silly show. Ayyyeeeee a whole hour? Lets go. Is that giveaway still going btw. 00:46 looks like Jennie Garth. I know this is supposed to be a pro choice movie, but it shows how women just dont have options. Abortion is their only option, but there should be more. Also it shows a fully formed fetus which is kind of unrealistic bc thats pretty late in pregnancy...

Never in my life i have seen a group of people so sure they are villagers they dont even question each other focus on the ones they suspect of and eliminate them to victory. honor scarra mark xell and toast. Is that the norm to bury a large animal, such as a cow or a horse in such a place.

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